Claim for reinstatement at work, recovery for forced absence
In what cases to file A labor dispute arises when the parties have not reached an agreement. Are common
0.5 rate and part-time – what’s the difference?
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What to do if an accident occurs
Is it possible to issue an invoice retroactively when requested by the organization?
Legality of issuing CASCO retroactively It is established that an insurance policy is issued for one calendar year.
Working time as the basis for remuneration: basic concepts, rules for establishing and accounting
What it is? Working hours – a routine established by law that specifies the working hours
Registration of forced downtime due to the fault of the employer
Downtime is the actual inactivity of the entire enterprise, some structural divisions or individual employees caused by
How to appeal the results of a labor inspection inspection
A complaint to the state labor inspectorate is the best way out for an employee who believes that the employer has violated
Termination of an employment contract for reasons independent of the will of the parties
Author of the article: Lina Smirnova Last modified: January 2021 14774 The Labor Code of the Russian Federation has
Is it possible to take 1 day leave according to the labor code?
Does an employee have the right to split his vacation and extend the number of vacation days by 2 days off?
Rules and features of drawing up a vacation schedule Every company must have a vacation schedule. He
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Russians who will receive more than 30 thousand pensions after indexation have been named
Pension before and after the revolution in Russia and the Soviet Union In Russia for the first time
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How to fire an employee who has been missing for a long time
What is truancy? In accordance with Article 81 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, a resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court