Responsibilities of the house elder in apartment buildings It is the house elder who will help the apartment owners
Is it possible to remove a child from an apartment without the mother’s consent?
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Surpluses and shortages during inventory: how to reflect them in accounting and tax accounting
The procedure for collecting shortfalls from a financially responsible person Statement of claim for collecting shortfalls is one
Sample form of a contract for maintenance of non-residential premises
Sample contract for maintenance of residential premises in the city of Osk “11” January ____. HOA "Solnechnoe" in
Sample and rules for drawing up an assignment agreement between legal entities and individuals
Hello! Imagine that you are a creditor to whom the debtor does not pay a large amount under an agreement. When
Extension to a private house
How to obtain permission for an extension to an apartment building?
What is an “extension” and why should it be legalized? An extension is a part of a building built on
What documents are needed to apply for Russian citizenship after a residence permit?
Documents for Russian citizenship in 2021, having a residence permit, must be collected from
Article 85. Composition of lands in settlements and zoning of territories
What does land provide for settlements? Land for settlements has its own individual characteristics.
How to determine whose fence is between neighbors
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Extract from property (house, apartment, room)
The child is permanently registered in the apartment and lives in it. In many respects, as regards the loss/termination