Pension investing: recommendations for future retirees
Despite the fact that the funded part of the pension is “frozen”, you can receive from the previously accumulated amount
Search for a loan debtor and his property: grounds, procedure, terms
Legal advice > Administrative law > Search for a debtor in enforcement proceedings: circumstances, resolution, features
General power of attorney for a car
Power of attorney for certification of copies of documents - sample and form for 2021
Power of attorney for a car Power of attorney for a car is a mandatory document for individuals using it
When does the statute of limitations expire and what consequences does this entail?
published: 01/19/2016 Resolution No. 43 is aimed at uniformity of judicial practice. I would like to draw your attention
Bankruptcy of a husband or wife in 2021: consequences of the procedure and what will happen to the property
Bankruptcy of spouses The possibility of bankruptcy proceedings for individuals was introduced more than 4 years ago.
Procedure and grounds for collecting alimony for wife maintenance
The collection of alimony for a spouse is not uncommon these days and increasingly to our
Collection of debts for housing and communal services by obtaining a court order
Collecting accounts receivable requires a lot of preparation and a lot of free time. And even after
Peculiarities of calculating maternity benefits in case of complicated childbirth
Extension of sick leave for pregnancy and childbirth If the sick leave certificate does not indicate that it
Russian passport
USSR citizenship: obtaining, regulatory framework, history
Relatively recently, the entire territory of the CIS had one border and was called a great Soviet power -
Labor relations during a change of owner, reorganization, change in the type of institution
During the reorganization, the work of employees, as a rule, does not change; they continue to perform it on