Deadlines for calculating pensions
Pensioners are deprived of part of their social supplements due to the actions of the Pension Fund
Deadlines for pension payment in the Russian Federation Before you find out where to go if your pension hasn’t arrived
Methods of paying for gas using a personal account in 2021
How to find out gas debt on a personal account? Each utility user is assigned a personal identification number
Registration registration
How to make a temporary registration without permanent registration?
How to obtain temporary registration at the place of residence for a citizen without permanent registration, application completed according to
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When is the continuation of sick leave considered one insured event and how to pay for it?
Duration of sick leave The reasons for receiving sick leave can be different: illness, pregnancy, surgery, care
Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation dated May 27, 2005 N 418 “On approval of the Instructions on the organization of work on pension provision in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
What federal law regulates pension provision for employees of internal affairs bodies? The main legal act regulating
What determines the size of the old-age pension - calculation procedure
— How does the future pension depend on the length of service? — When assigning a pension, insurance is taken into account
Three days without sick leave at the expense of the employer: is this possible?
Be sick for three days without sick leave. For example, in some companies a certificate of incapacity is required from the first
hiring without a military ID
Is it possible to hire an employee without a military ID?
To carry out employment, personnel services, in addition to a whole list of appropriate documents, require for a man and
How disciplinary action is applied.
Disciplinary action. What is the danger for the employee?
What is a disciplinary sanction and the reasons for its imposition? Judging by Article 192 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation,
When additional payments to pension are due for 30 years of service: 4 cases
In accordance with the latest innovations, which have already come into effect this year, the pension amount