Appraisal of an apartment for a notary when registering an inheritance

Why is an assessment necessary?

Apartment valuation

An appraisal when inheriting an apartment is needed for the following purposes:

  1. Acceptance of inheritance. If the successor wishes to enter into inheritance rights to real estate, he must submit a report on the price. This is required in order to calculate the amount of state inheritance duty.
  2. Establishment of an inherited share in the common property of a deceased citizen. This is especially necessary if the deceased did not leave a testamentary document.
  3. Litigation in case of conflict between heirs. The judge will need to know the value of the apartment.

For these purposes, an official document in the form of an assessment report must be presented.

Who produces?

An apartment assessment for registration of inheritance can always be carried out only by qualified specialists - independent experts who have the appropriate license in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 135.


The assessment itself should always be made only after the death of the testator at the time of opening of the inheritance. According to Article 7 of the Law “On Valuation Activities in the Russian Federation”, it is impossible to evaluate an inheritance before the specified period.

Both private experts and government agencies (BTI) have the right to evaluate an apartment for inheritance.

Helpful advice

When contacting a private appraiser, make sure that he has a license to engage in such activities.

Evaluation procedure

The procedure for appraising an apartment for inheritance involves several steps.

Expert's choice


First of all, you need to decide where to go for the service. Companies that have the appropriate license to do so may engage in appraisal activities. The assessment is carried out by private companies or a government agency - BTI.

Most often, citizens choose private companies because they are more efficient. But the cost of services from private owners is slightly higher than from the Bureau. Therefore, the choice largely depends on the person’s budget.

Drawing up an agreement and transfer of documents

Having chosen an appraiser, you should contact him and agree on a date for the procedure. An agreement is concluded between a citizen and a company. The heir must have the following documents with him:

  1. Successor's passport.
  2. A certificate confirming the deceased’s ownership of the apartment.
  3. Inheritance certificate.
  4. Certificate from BTI.
  5. Technical documents for real estate.

If the assessment needs to be carried out by a legal entity, then you will need to provide company details, technical papers, and title documents.

Direct assessment

Next, the appraiser analyzes the apartment. When assessing, the specialist takes into account many factors: the location of the property, distance from bus stops or the metro, the general condition of the premises, the presence of encumbrances, etc.

At the end of the procedure, the appraiser draws up a report, which must be submitted to the notary’s office when accepting the inheritance.

What documents are needed?

To evaluate an apartment when entering into an inheritance, you need to collect the following documents:

  • Grounds confirming that the property is owned by the testator (certificate from the BTI form 11-a);
  • Information about existing encumbrances on the apartment that will reduce its value;
  • Death certificate of the testator;
  • Heir's passport.


The assessment procedure consists not only of an analysis of the apartment and its visit, but also an analysis of the documents provided.

How is the state duty calculated based on the assessment?

When entering into an inheritance, successors must pay a notary fee. Its calculation is made depending on the value indicated in the appraisal report. The legislation establishes only a certain percentage to determine the amount of the duty.

If the heir has a close family relationship with the testator, then he pays 0.3% of the price of the apartment. In this case, the maximum fee is 100 thousand rubles. For the remaining successors, the percentage is set at 0.6%, the largest amount being one million rubles.

Valuation for a notary. Is an inheritance valuation necessary?

Let's figure out why an inheritance assessment is needed and is it needed at all?

Valuation of private property for registration of inheritance or other notarial actions is required for a notary when opening an inheritance case. This is due to the fact that the heirs are required to pay the notary a notary fee for registering the right to inheritance. In accordance with Art. 333.24 , the state fee is charged for issuing a certificate of legal right to inheritance and inheritance under a will to children (including adopted children), full brothers and sisters, spouse, and parents of the testator; 0.3% of the value of the inherited property is charged, but this amount is not must exceed 100,000 rubles . Other heirs are charged 0.6% , but not more than 1,000,000 rubles.

Documents required for assessment and cost of services in our company

Market valuation (i.e. determining the market monetary value) of inherited property is carried out exclusively at the request of notaries.

To calculate the state duty (at the customer's choice), the appraisal company that evaluates the inherited property issues a special document (appraisal report), which indicates the inventory, cadastral, market or nominal value of the property. Notaries and other officials do not have the competence to determine the method of assessing the inheritance for calculating the state duty, as well as the right to demand from the payer a document confirming the method of assessing the inheritance.

The following rights and obligations that are not part of the inheritance are not subject to assessment:

  • duties and rights that are not inherited in accordance with the existing Code and other laws of the Russian Federation;
  • obligations and rights that have a connection with the testator as a person (for example, the right to compensation for damage that was caused to the health or life of a person);
  • intangible benefits and non-property personal rights.

The market valuation of an inheritance for a notary applies to the following types of property:

  • real estate assessment (cottage, cottage, house, etc.);
  • land assessment;
  • assessment of the apartment (room, part of the apartment);
  • assessment of any vehicle or special equipment;
  • valuation of securities (bills, shares);
  • equipment assessment;
  • weapon assessment.

Bottom line: your contact with an appraiser should save you money when paying state fees, since the customer can choose the appraisal method with the minimum cost. But you should contact an appraisal company only at the request of a notary.

What objects do we evaluate for a notary in Moscow?

A certified specialist determines the cost for registering an inheritance with a notary according to the law, according to a will, when calculating the share of a co-testator, and state inheritance fees.

Valuation for a notary in Moscow is carried out by our company for the following objects:

  • real estate (apartment, room or share in it, house, cottage, townhouse, commercial);
  • land plots, dachas, garden plots, garages;
  • cars, other vehicles;
  • business, shares, bonds, securities, contents of a safe deposit box;
  • share in the right, authorized capital;
  • weapon;
  • other types of property.

The property valuation report is valid for a notary, registration of a deed of gift, purchase and sale agreement, and other notarial actions.

Answers on questions

  • How quickly will the assessment report be ready? We complete the work within 2-3 days. We work quickly, without delaying deadlines.
  • Can you pre-calculate the cost? Preliminary cost calculation is possible. Call us.
  • What documents are needed to evaluate real estate? The cost of an object is determined if there is: a certificate of ownership, a technical passport or cadastral passport, a photo of the object, a customer’s passport.
  • Is it possible to make an assessment without an inspection? Maybe. However, an inspection will allow you to give a more accurate assessment and draw up a final report.
  • Can't I determine the value of the property myself? Why are you needed? Institutions (court, notary, guardianship authorities, etc.) accept for consideration official assessment reports completed by a professional specialist.
  • Can I not immediately pay the full amount for the real estate valuation service? We provide the service after 50% payment, and submit a report after the remaining amount has been paid. Let's consider other payment options.

Contact the professional appraisers of TsNE Pravo and be sure that the service will cover all your costs.

We will provide an assessment report for the notary with a guarantee of its acceptance at your notary office in Moscow.

Features of valuation of different types of property

Let's consider the procedure for assessing the following types of property:

  • real estate (apartment, garage, land);
  • car;
  • shares;
  • weapons;
  • OOO.

The heir can order an assessment independently or through a representative. In order for a trusted person to order an assessment report, it is necessary to issue a notarized power of attorney, which includes the transfer of authority to contact specialized organizations to conduct an assessment.

If the power of attorney does not contain these powers, the appraisal company will refuse to provide services.

Apartments, garages, land plots

In 2021, when inheriting an apartment, house or land, it is advisable to obtain a certificate of the cadastral value of the property. You can get it through the MFC, through a branch or the Rosreestr website.

The cost of a paper copy is 350 ₽

But the cadastral value does not always coincide with the market value. This situation is especially popular in small settlements, where the cadastral value can be 2 or 3 times higher than the market value.

In such a situation, it is necessary to calculate what will be more profitable - to conduct a market valuation or pay a state fee based on the cadastral value.

If the property does not yet have a cadastral value, then the only option is to conduct a market valuation. To do this, the heir must contact a specialized company.

The organization must meet the following conditions:

  • provides services on the basis of an assessment agreement in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • has a license to provide real estate valuation services;
  • is in the SRO register.

The heir has the right to contact any company that meets these conditions. If he provides an assessment report from an organization that does not meet these conditions, the notary will not accept it for calculating the state duty and will not issue a certificate of inheritance rights.

Important! If an heir inherits an apartment or house in which he lived together with the testator at the time of his death, then he may not evaluate this property. If there are 2 or more heirs, then it is advisable to obtain information about the value of the property in case of a dispute or division.


You can order a car appraisal only from a specialized appraisal company. The customer must provide the following documents:

  • the applicant's civil passport;
  • owner's death certificate;
  • PTS and STS;
  • title document for the car (sale agreement, donation agreement, certificate of inheritance rights).

When evaluating a car, the following is taken into account:

  • vehicle model;
  • brand;
  • equipment;
  • mileage and year of manufacture;
  • availability of current and major repairs;
  • participation in an accident;
  • degree of wear.

Analysis of these factors gives the current market value of the car. On the one hand, the cost is set by analogy with the offers that are present on the market at the time of the death of the vehicle owner.

On the other hand, the cost is always set individually. Therefore, even two conditionally identical machines may have different prices.

The cost of assessing a car depends on the type of car (car, truck, bus, specialized transport). The minimum price is set for the valuation of a passenger car.


If the inheritance includes currency or securities in foreign currency, then the assessment is carried out according to the state of the exchange rate on the day of opening of the inheritance (Article 333.25 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).

To evaluate shares, you must submit the following documents:

  • passport;
  • death certificate of the shareholder;
  • an extract from the register of shareholders (if absent, you must take a certificate from the issuing company about the value of net assets).

The duration of the service is 1-5 days.


Expert opinion

Vasiliev Viktor Stanislavovich

Lawyer with 10 years of experience. Specialization: civil law. Member of the Bar Association.

Finding an organization that is licensed to evaluate weapons is not so easy. Therefore, before concluding a contract, it is necessary to check whether the appraisal company actually has the appropriate permission.

Before conducting a weapon assessment, you must prepare the following documents:

  • passport;
  • death certificate of the owner of the weapon;
  • weapons license;
  • weapon passport;
  • documents on the acquisition of weapons.

If you do not have a passport, you must provide information about the caliber and year of manufacture for firearms and the length of the blade for bladed weapons.

Important! The law does not prohibit the assessment of weapons that do not have a passport.

If documents are available, the assessment can be carried out without examining the weapon. But if there are no documents for the weapon, then it is necessary to provide the object for inspection by an appraiser. The inspection will take no more than 1 hour. But preparing the report may take 1 to 2 days.

An heir can participate in the activities of the LLC only if such a possibility is provided for by the organization’s charter. If the co-founders are against inheriting the share, then the heir receives only compensation for the share. But an assessment is necessary both when registering an inheritance for personal participation and to receive compensation.

The valuation of the share in an LLC is based on the profit and loss statement, as well as accounting analysis.

The heir must submit the following documents to the specialized organization:

  • the applicant's civil passport;
  • death certificate of the LLC founder;
  • LLC charter;
  • balance sheet 2 months before the death of the founder (form 1 and 2);

If necessary, the appraiser has the right to request additional documents.

The period for compiling the report is 2-5 days.

What parameters (determinants) influence the value of the inheritance?

An experienced expert knows the features of buildings and structures, land use sites, land, water and air transport, valuable assets, and other types of property.

The assessment for the notary is formed taking into account:

for buildings:

  • location, level of repair, class, purpose;

for land plots:

  • location, land category, the most effective use option at a given time;

for vehicles;

  • brand, model, year of manufacture, degree of wear, presence and nature of damage, equipment, additional options;

for shares:

  • quotes, profits, dividends, financial position of the company;

for securities:

  • par value, liquidity, interest payment date, etc.

A specialist with appropriate qualifications will come out for an assessment.

How does a real estate valuation work for a notary:

  • The object to be assessed is determined
  • An appraisal company is selected. When choosing a company, you should pay attention to the following factors: the company’s experience in the real estate market, the presence of bank accreditations and documents for this activity, the presence of a competent staff of specialists, the availability of reports on similar procedures, reviews of the company’s clients
  • Conclusion of an agreement and payment for services. The cost of the procedure depends on the company’s prices and the number of securities. If all securities are concluded by one organization, the cost of assessment is reduced. An obligatory stage of assessment is the conclusion of a contract. It specifies the responsibilities of the parties, the goals and timing of the assessment.
  • The necessary documents are collected, these include:
  1. Passport of the person entering into inheritance
  2. Owner's death certificate
  3. Certificate of ownership
  4. Contract of sale
  • A direct assessment is carried out. The assessment period is usually short, from several hours to several days. For example, appraisers undertake to evaluate one issuer in one hour. If the number of assessment objects does not exceed seven, the examination will take one day.
  • The final step of the procedure is the preparation of a report, which is sealed and signed.
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