How and where to get a duplicate (copy) of a death certificate, how to restore a lost document

A death certificate is an important document that is often necessary to obtain. This is due to the termination of rights to the property of the deceased, the emergence of certain rights among relatives, and other legal nuances - registration of payments, pensions, benefits, etc.

Since such a certificate is the only official confirmation of the death of a citizen, in case of loss it is necessary to immediately take measures to restore it. Read below how to do this correctly.

Check Death Certificate

The Federal Notary Chamber (FNC) is a non-profit organization based on the principles of self-government, self-regulation and self-financing. It unites all notaries of Russia through mandatory collective membership of notarial chambers of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The notary chambers of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, in turn, are based on the mandatory membership of all notaries engaged in private practice in a particular region.

The FNP carries out its activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Fundamentals of the legislation of the Russian Federation on notaries, the Federal Law “On Non-Profit Organizations”, other legal acts of government bodies, international treaties, the Charter of the FNP, as well as the Professional Code of Notaries of the Russian Federation Federation. At the same time, the Chamber has all the rights of a legal entity with full financial and economic independence and an apparatus that allows it to effectively implement the functions assigned to it by law and the Charter for organizing notarial activities, control powers and represent the interests of the notarial community in government bodies.


The receipt period depends on the method of applying for the document.

If you contact the registry office, you can receive it on the day of application. The service is provided quickly, subject to the following conditions:

  • a relative or interested person came with a full package of papers;
  • to the department where the civil registration was made;
  • the second copy is stored in archival documents.

If the original copy was received a long time ago, then it may not be in the registry office database.

After the expiration of the storage period, the documents are sent to the city archives for storage.

Since you will have to contact the executive authority for further search, the period will be different and may increase to one month.

The MFC reviews the application and prepares a second copy within 15 days. Of course, the deadline will be met if the documents are in order.

When? If a citizen decides to use Russian post, he will have to wait longer. The review period will be no more than 30 days from the date of registration of the application.

Obtaining death certificates

  • correct spelling of the date of issue of the document and the date of death;
  • compliance with the passport data of the deceased with the entries included in the medical death certificate;
  • availability of a record of the place of death;
  • the presence on the reverse side of the certificate of a round seal of the medical institution, the signature, surname and position of the doctor who issued the document, and an indication of the diagnosis.

We present a fragment of a brochure for relatives, “The Death of a Loved One,” prepared by the Vera charity foundation. In it, we tried to delicately and precisely tell you about the steps that need to be taken if your loved one has died. You can download the full version of the brochure in pdf format from the link.

Documents for certificate restoration

We recommend that you stock up on the following documents in advance:

  • a copy of your passport (bring the original with you for verification);
  • a copy of the lost death certificate (if any);
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • confirmation of relationship or interest in receiving a copy (such documents may be: marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.).

At the registry office you will be asked to fill out a standard application (form No. 23):

Sample application for a duplicate

To the Civil Registry Office_________________ from Petrov I.I., residing at the address: Moscow, lane. Griboyedova, 1, apt. 1, passport series___No____________, issued _________________, “__”_______ 2010.


I ask you to issue a second death certificate for Igor Mikhailovich Petrov, date of death - “__”_____________________2016. Place of death______________________ Place of state registration - civil registry office of the ____________________ district of Moscow. Date of state registration “__”________________________, No. _____. The document is required ________________________________ (specify why). Number __________, ____________signature.

Please note that in the last line you need to indicate the reason for the repeated application (the document is lost, torn, lost, etc.).

How to check the authenticity of a death certificate

Example : In a normal situation, Ivan would have drawn up a will himself and would have it certified by a notary, doing everything as required. However, he found himself in a war zone and is not sure that he will be able to return from here. Ivan finds two people who have a better chance than him of returning home. He draws up a will and has it certified with the help of these volunteer witnesses, leaving them each with a copy. If Ivan is able to return home, he will need to have the document already drawn up notarized. If not, it will have the official force of an ordinary will.

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Thank you. Lawyers and advocates of the Lawyer24 service answer your question. We have selected similar situations for you: Dear Tatyana! Hello! I recommend that you send a request, indicating the reason why you require information, by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the authority indicated in the certificate as issuing it.

But if the relatives of the deceased contact a notary to open an inheritance case, information about this will immediately appear in the database. And anyone can recognize it if they make a request. It is free, there are no restrictions on quantity. You can check the information every day, even if you live a thousand kilometers from a relative.

Main reason: it's illegal. Such information is personal data. Unauthorized access and copying of such data is a criminal offence. It doesn’t matter how exactly the data was copied: transferred to a flash drive, photographed from the screen, or written down in a notepad by hand. For this they can be fined 200,000 rubles or imprisoned for two years.

Reasons for rejecting an application for a certificate

Rejection of an application is based on the following circumstances:

  1. As noted above, if the registry office does not have information about the deceased.
  2. The circumstances confirming the citizen's interest were not confirmed.
  3. One of the required documents is missing.

Rejection of an application is usually confirmed by signature. After receiving it, you can resubmit your application.

Situation: a citizen’s request to obtain a certificate of death of her long-dead husband was rejected because the existence of the marriage was not confirmed. If the citizen submits a second application with all supporting documents, she will be issued a document. Payment of the state fee will need to be made again.

If the actions to reject an application are possibly illegal, then the matter can always be resolved through court. Thus, it becomes clear in what ways the death certificate is restored.

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press Ctrl+Enter.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Find out how to solve exactly your problem - fill out the form below or call right now: +7 (ext. 697) (Moscow) +7 (ext. 281) (St. Petersburg) +8 (ext. 198) (Russia) It's fast and free!

Death certificate can be obtained online Printable version

With the launch of this service, the requirements for the mandatory provision of a medical certificate of death and perinatal death, as well as a certificate of state registration of death, are eliminated. To obtain a certificate, you just need to enter the IIN of the deceased.

“Previously, it was necessary to visit several organizations, which took considerable time. This certificate is required for provision at burial, for assigning a lump sum payment for burial, for receiving pension savings of the deceased and for registering an inheritance. Now, it can be obtained online,” commented the press service of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We obtain a certificate through court

If the registry office refuses to issue a duplicate, you can ask for the restoration of the papers through the court.

In court, it is possible to establish the fact of kinship and other facts of legal significance. To go to court, you need to fill out an application, prepare the necessary evidence, and pay a state fee.

There is no single form for such a statement, so it is drawn up in free form.

It should indicate the name and address of the court, the applicant, and interested parties. In addition, you need to justify the need to obtain a copy of the certificate.

State registration of death Add to favorites

If a person died on a ship, train or plane, then registration is carried out by the relevant authority in whose territory he was removed from the vehicle. If death occurred on an expedition, at a polar station, or in an area where there are no civil registry offices, registration will be carried out by the nearest competent authority.

  • state registration of a civil status act is contrary to the Federal Law of November 15, 1997 No. 143-FZ “On Acts of Civil Status” (Federal Law);
  • the documents submitted by the applicant do not comply with the requirements imposed on them by the Federal Law and other regulatory legal acts;
  • the provision of a public service is refused in the absence of documents necessary for the provision of a public service and to be submitted by the applicant;
  • a specialist of a body providing a public service does not have the right to carry out state registration of acts of civil status in relation to himself, his spouse, his and his relatives (parents, children, grandchildren, grandparents, siblings) and perform other legally significant actions. State registration of acts of civil status and the commission of other legally significant actions in such cases are carried out by another employee of the body providing the public service, or in another body providing the public service.

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Copy or duplicate - is there a difference?

There is a difference between a copy and a duplicate, and it is very big.

A copy is a copy of a document made on plain paper or in a scanned version, reproducing the information contained on the original. This can be called, for example, a photocopy.

A duplicate is a second copy of the original.

In addition, a copy, unlike a duplicate, has no legal force unless it is notarized. It can be certified upon presentation of the original by those authorities that issue documents. However, you cannot perform legally significant actions on a copy.

The duplicate has equal legal force with the original. The duplicate contains all its details and the word “repeated” in the upper right corner.

How to check a death certificate online

Dear Tatyana! Hello! I recommend that you send a request, indicating the reason for which you require information, by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the authority indicated on the death certificate as issuing it. The Russian civil registry office is unlikely to be able to help you in any way.

You may have already created a SNILS (for example, by your first employer), but you were not interested in the number, you may have lost your plastic card, or you did not collect your plastic card from the Pension Fund at all. Now you have a need and a question: how to check your SNILS number online using your passport.

The stamp certificate determines the period for opening the inheritance. The form also allows the heir to receive the property. If the successor wants to receive inherited property without delays and litigation, it is worthwhile to prepare this document in a timely manner.

In this case, the procedure for obtaining a certificate certifying the fact of death is modified. In particular, you must apply for the document at the consulate or diplomatic mission of Russia, which is located on the territory of the state in which the death occurred. In some cases, such issues are dealt with by the authorized bodies of foreign powers.

But government agencies also have days off, so you have to ask your bosses for time off during the week. The issue has been resolved. Is there a structure in Russia with a unified database to which requests can be sent to confirm the authenticity of a death certificate?

Thanks to such a body, anyone can find out whether he has inherited property outside his country. In addition, the presented institution is engaged in searching for heirs in order to transfer to them a certificate of inheritance. In the standard (ideal)

  • Relatives or authorized representative: the latter must provide a power of attorney signed by a notary;
  • Investigative authorities, if it is necessary to conduct an investigation;
  • Persons who were present at the time of death (friends, neighbors);
  • If a person died in the army, hospital or prison, the certificate will be issued to the unit commander, chief physician or prison director, respectively.

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Thanks to such a body, anyone can find out whether he has inherited property outside his country. In addition, the represented institution is searching for heirs in order to transfer them a certificate of inheritance. In some cases, relatives will have to apply to the court to declare a family member dead.

Let's celebrate! It is possible to obtain a copy of the original without any problems if there is confirmation of family ties with the deceased. To carry out this procedure, you must provide the necessary documents; if problems arise, you should contact the notary service.

Let's celebrate! A very common problem is when relatives cannot divide the inheritance between themselves and the death document is divided. The way out of this situation is quite simple - a family member needs to contact the registry office, where you can get a duplicate of the original. A duplicate certificate is legally as strong as the original.

Who can get a duplicate

A limited number of people can request the restoration of a document. It is clearly stated by law:

  1. The citizen to whom the first document was issued.
  2. If the above-mentioned person has died, then a living relative of the deceased can do this.
  3. For a minor child, if his mother and father have died, another adult relative who is the legal guardian has the right to apply.
  4. Guardians and trustees for minors, if a parent is deprived of parental rights, and for incapacitated citizens. Sometimes a social worker acts by proxy for an old grandmother who has no other relatives.
  5. Police representatives when a crime is being investigated.
  6. Distant relatives who have the right to inherit property under a will.
  7. Other interested parties who can prove the need for official confirmation of the citizen’s death.

After death or how they live in the next world

As soon as the subtle body enters the region of the dead, it begins to lose its identity with the previous earthly life. By the time it crosses the region of the dead and reaches one of the main subtle regions, such as Purgatory, the subtle body has taken on an amorphous form.

People who have experienced clinical death claim that a dark tunnel leads to the next world.

How to re-obtain a document Death certificate - an official document To re-receive a death certificate, you will need to contact the same registry office unit where it was issued for the first time. If the heirs do not know exactly where this certificate was issued, then they must contact the registry office at the last place of residence of the deceased citizen. Hello! Contact the MFC or the registry office - the body that issued the certificate.

Example: if a son lost his father’s death certificate and subsequently also died, then the document confirming the death of the deed can be re-received by the grandson. Interested person - any interested person whose rights are affected in any way can also apply for a duplicate.

Grounds for refusal to issue a duplicate copy

A refusal to issue a duplicate death certificate can be considered justified only if the following reasons exist:

  • the absence of any information about the citizen in the registry office where, according to your information, the initial registration of the fact of death took place;
  • the applicant did not confirm the legitimacy of his interest in obtaining a duplicate of such an important document;
  • the applicant did not submit documents included in the mandatory list.

The refusal is issued in writing and handed to the applicant personally against signature (or sent by mail if he did not appear). After reading the reasons for the refusal, you can try to apply again, eliminating the comments that are set out in the document.

Example : a wife was denied a second death certificate for her husband due to lack of confirmation of the marital relationship. If the applicant applies again with a similar application and does not forget to attach a copy of the marriage certificate, then they will no longer be able to refuse to issue her a duplicate. In this case, the state fee will need to be paid again.

If you consider the refusal to issue you a copy of the death registration as unfounded, you can apply to the court to recognize the actions of the registry office employees as illegal with a request to oblige them to issue a copy of the original.

How to find out if a death certificate was issued online

  1. Date of death;
  2. Record of place of death;
  3. Date of issue of the document;
  4. On the reverse side of the death certificate (death certificate) there must be: a round seal of the medical institution; signature, surname, position of the doctor who issued the death certificate; diagnosis of death from the doctor; passport details of the deceased.
  • Relatives or authorized representative: the latter must provide a power of attorney signed by a notary;
  • Investigative authorities, if it is necessary to conduct an investigation;
  • Persons who were present at the time of death (friends, neighbors);
  • If a person died in the army, hospital or prison, the certificate will be issued to the unit commander, chief physician or prison director, respectively.

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What is indicated in the duplicate

A repeated death document is drawn up taking into account the requirements of Art. 68 Federal Law No. 143-FZ. The form must contain:

  1. Full name, date and place of birth of the deceased.
  2. Nationality of the deceased citizen.
  3. Date, time, place of death of an individual.
  4. Date of document preparation, registration number.
  5. Place of state registration of a legal fact.
  6. Name of the registration authority.
  7. Date of issue of the form.

The duplicate is in A4 format. The form contains watermarks. Entries are made by typewriting. The document is signed by an authorized person and sealed with the seal of the registration authority.

The duplicate is practically no different from the original. Only the word “repeated” is added to the form. The document has the same legal significance. Once a duplicate is issued, the original is considered invalid.

Check if a person is alive using their passport

Depending on the information search method you choose, you may need some specific information. However, if you make a request to government agencies, for example, to the registry office, you will have to attach to the application a document confirming your relationship with the deceased, since information is not given to strangers.

How else can you check with a passport whether a person is alive? Contact a division of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. True, this applies to persons who receive a pension or other payments. As a rule, fund employees periodically check to see if people are alive in order to avoid accruing pensions to the deceased. Therefore, if you are a relative, such information may be provided to you.

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