Stamp in the passport

Article 12 of the above-mentioned resolution indicates that such a passport must be replaced due to its unsuitability for use. to contents Is it possible to refuse a stamp in a passport when registering a marriage? According to current legislation, it is impossible to completely refuse a stamp on an identity card of a citizen of the Russian Federation. Its affixing is provided for by the relevant articles of the “Regulations on the Passport of a Citizen of the Russian Federation” and government regulations.

Marks on previously issued passports and foreign passports are made by affixing a stamp in Form N 16P (Appendix No. 16 to the Administrative Regulations) or by making a stamp imprint in Form N 17P (Appendix No. 17 to the Administrative Regulations) and filling it out using a special printer. 90.6. At the request of the citizen, the following marks are made in the passport:

Is it possible to refuse a stamp in a passport when registering a marriage?

According to this legislation, it is impossible to completely abandon the stamp in the passport when registering a marriage. Its affixing is provided for by the relevant articles of the “Regulations on the Passport of a Citizen of the Russian Federation” and individual government decrees. The regulations of the marriage registration procedure itself involve putting this mark on the identity cards of the spouses.

Yes, there are situations in which it is impossible to comply with this provision of the law:

  1. Lack of space for new stamps on pages 14 and 15.
  2. Loss of a passport and the citizen waiting to receive a new identity card.

In such situations, civil registry office employees do not have the right to refuse to accept an application to register the relationship of future marriage partners. The head of a particular civil registry office department is responsible for deciding whether this procedure can be done without affixing a stamp.

Judicial practice has positive examples of appealing a refusal to accept an application to register a relationship in court. The law allows the presence of specially sewn-in inserts, as well as the affixing of a marriage stamp on the cover of the document.

Is it necessary to put a marriage stamp in your passport?

I don’t think there will be any conflict with the law. If you are getting married for the first time at the Wedding Palace, a marriage stamp will be placed in your passport. But, if you commit the same act in the office of the Civil Registry Department, you will, in all likelihood, usually ask that you not put a marriage stamp. There will be no stamp in the civil passport. I didn’t read the essence of the question - sorry, but the information is essentially the same.

When filling out official documents in the Russian Federation, questions may arise if you indicate your marital status as “married” while having a blank passport. So, it is rather in the interests of the person himself to put all his documents in order and put all the necessary marks.

Where and in what institution can it be placed?

Photo 2

Only two types of authorities can put a note about marriage with another person in the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation:

  1. civil registry departments, whose competence includes entering state records and acts of civil status;
  2. territorial divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The registry office puts a stamp during the registration of the marriage of two spouses, on the appointed wedding day. Territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation carry out this procedure with a special printer when replacing a passport.

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Marriage stamp in passport

Entry into a marriage and family union is an official procedure that is implemented in accordance with the procedure established by law. It is carried out in the registry office, in places of isolation from society, as well as consulates outside the Russian Federation. The result of this procedure is the issuance of a marriage certificate. However, this is not the only documentary evidence of the fact of official painting. Each person getting married gets a stamp in their passport. This mark is made at the registry office or territorial police department.

The stamp in the marriage passport is an imprint that is affixed to the corresponding section of the document. It has a rectangular shape and contains a number of mandatory information. The stamp size is standard. It is seventy-five millimeters horizontally and forty vertically. The sample of the specified stamp is the same for all authorized authorities. The law does not make any distinctions in this case. That is, each competent organization is provided with a standard print.

Is it necessary to affix a stamp to register a marriage?

Spouses who have entered into a marriage relationship receive from the Civil Registry Office a document confirming their new status - a marriage registration certificate. In addition, a corresponding stamp is affixed to the newlyweds’ passports, which contains information about the conclusion of the union.

Photo of the marriage stamp in the passport:

Although a stamp in a passport is not a replacement for an official marriage certificate , its presence in an identity card allows one to confirm the marital status of a citizen in the absence of a marriage certificate.

All marks affixed by authorized bodies in the passport of a Russian citizen are indicated in the Regulations approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 07/08/1997. No. 828. Entering data into your passport yourself is prohibited. Such actions make the document invalid.

There is no administrative liability for the absence of a marriage mark in the passport, but in such cases it will be necessary to present a marriage certificate to confirm marital status. If there is no space in the passport for affixing a new stamp, then in this case the registry office authorities do not have the right to refuse persons to register the union.

As practice shows, the absence of a marriage stamp in a passport can cause some difficulties , for example, when obtaining some banking services, registering children, and in other situations when a citizen is required to confirm his marital status.

Deliberate concealment of the fact of marriage registration is equated to fraudulent actions, for which the culprit may incur administrative or criminal liability.

Attention! The absence of a marriage mark in a passport does not give a citizen the right to enter into a new marriage. Such actions will be considered violations of Art. 14 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation.

Marriage registration stamp in passport: everything you need to know

The legislator does not provide for administrative liability for the absence of a stamp on the certificate. If there is no mark, a marriage certificate must be provided as proof of marital status. Since this document is usually located at home, this is not always convenient.

Marriage is a change in the civil status of the future newlyweds. The bride and groom receive the status of “husband” and “wife”. This is how a new unit of society is created. Russian legislation strictly regulates the procedure for registering relationships. The newlyweds receive an official certificate and a marriage stamp in their passport. The mark is not a mere formality, but a mandatory condition.

Is it possible not to put a stamp?

stamp in the passport
In fact, a person can refuse to get a stamp in their passport, since this procedure is not necessary. But this will cause a lot of problems. Thus, at the legislative level, there is administrative responsibility for persons who officially declare that they are single, although in reality this is not true. The matter is aggravated if such a person confirms his words by the absence of a stamp in his passport.

At times, a situation arises when there is not enough space in the required section of an identity document to affix a stamp. Such cases are regulated by Russian legislation and require the use of a special insert. It is sewn into the passport, which increases the security of information.

The court considers marks not placed in the “Marital status” section to be legal. Even if the stamp is on the cover, it is considered that the marriage is officially registered. If there is not enough space on pages 14 and 15, the registry office may refuse to register the family. Future spouses have two options: go to court and appeal the decision of the registry office or change the document. It's faster and cheaper to take the second route.

You can avoid a mark in your passport simply by refusing to make it at the registry office or when registering a relationship in another country. But why avoid direct responsibility? Moreover, the absence of a mark can lead to unnecessary difficulties. Therefore, it is better to avoid such negligence and sleep peacefully.

How long is a typical passport valid after marriage registration?

When preparing a new passport, the old one will need to be handed over to employees of the Federal Migration Service. At this moment, the applicant is left without a main document with which to verify the identity of the applicant.

  1. First you need to determine the type of request. A citizen has the right to personally visit a branch of the Federal Migration Service. Submission of documents is also available through the single portal of state and municipal services State Services.
  2. If the second option is selected, authorization on the site using a login and password is required.
  3. A citizen draws up an application based on certain documents. He must rely on information from his previous passport, birth certificates, registration of marriage, divorce, birth of children under 14 years of age, and military ID. A photograph of the established format must be provided or loaded into the appropriate window.
  4. After checking the data, the application can be transferred to a FMS specialist. In the case of an electronic request, you need to wait for the result of the verification by receiving a letter in your personal account.
  5. The citizen pays the state fee. A payment receipt form is sent by mail.
  6. After the invitation has been received, you must appear at the office of the Federal Migration Service. Original documents must be available. If the applicant does not appear within 30 days, the application will be cancelled.
  7. The document is issued on the appointed date. Only personal receipt of a passport by a citizen is possible.

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Entering marriage information into the passport

In the Russian Federation passports of both spouses, an error was made when entering information about marriage registration, namely, a different city was indicated compared to the marriage certificate. Could this affect the purchase of real estate by one of the spouses? Do I need to change passports?

Yes you can. According to Article 1133 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the possession, use and disposal of the common property of spouses is carried out by mutual consent of the spouses. 2. When one of the spouses enters into a transaction to dispose of the spouses’ common property, it is assumed that they are invested by the owner in any form of compensation. (Clause 1 as amended by Federal Law dated November 29, 2021 281-FZ) I wish you good luck.

What is a stamp and why is it needed?

The fact that a new family has appeared in Russia should be confirmed with a corresponding note in the passport, as well as a special marriage registration certificate.

The stamp in the marriage passport performs the following important functions:

  • If there is no certificate, then it can be used to confirm marital status;
  • When registering a child, she determines paternity;
  • With its help, you can confirm the official status of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

There are situations when a woman and a man live in a “civil marriage”. They are only roommates. The designated union has no legal force, as a result of which it excludes liability. In the personal documents of the above citizens there are no special marks confirming their “civil marriage”.

Entries that must be included in the passport are regulated by the following document - Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated July 8, 1997, number 828 (it was edited on November 18, 2016) “On approval of the regulations on the main act of an individual of the Russian Federation.”

Stamp in the passport

What does it look like and what page is it on? This is what the stamp in the marriage passport looks like - a rectangle filled with the necessary records, the dimensions of which are 70 by 40 mm. A mark indicating the presence of registration is affixed with an imprint corresponding to Form N 12 P or according to Form 13 P, but with a special printer. This is stated in the Administrative Regulations. The same document confirms the entry of data:

A marriage cannot be dissolved without the consent of the wife during her pregnancy and within a year after the birth of the child. Article 16 and 17 of the RF IC: “Article 16.1. The marriage ends due to death or due to the court declaring one of the spouses dead.2. A marriage can be terminated by its dissolution at the request of one or both spouses, as well as at the request of the guardian of the spouse recognized by the court as incompetent. Article 17. The husband does not have the right, without the consent of his wife, to initiate proceedings for divorce during the wife’s pregnancy and within a year after birth child." As soon as the divorce is officially registered, the former spouses' passports will be stamped accordingly.

All the reasons for your “not wanting” to get married

  • Bad experience
  • Negative parenting experiences
  • Fear of losing something
  • Reluctance to share something
  • Fear of losing independence and freedom
  • I won’t be able to communicate with everyone like before
  • Should consult with husband
  • Change your rhythm of life
  • Will my husband’s parents or my own interfere?
  • Children need to be “made” and raised
  • Household duties, moreover, daily
  • Joint budget
  • There will be “gray, joyless everyday life,” and not a candy-bouquet period
  • You will always “owe” everyone
  • The “easy, carefree time” will end and “family life” will begin.

And yet, there are positive aspects that you definitely need to understand about the stamp in your passport.

What is the procedure for making a record of a son in a civil marriage in a passport?

In January 2021, appropriate changes were made to the passport regulations, according to which information about children in parents’ passports can only be entered by the Federal Migration Service. That is, neither the civil registry office nor the internal affairs bodies, which previously had similar powers, now have the right to register children in their parents’ passports.

Parents' passports can only include information about children under 14 years of age. That is, if, for example, you change upon reaching 45 years old, and your children are already 14 years old, then they will not be included in it.

Is it possible not to put a stamp when registering a marriage?

The current legislation of the Russian Federation states that an individual does not have the right to completely refuse the stamp on an identity card. The affixing of the above stamp is provided for by certain articles of the “Regulations on the Passport of a Citizen of the Russian Federation” and decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation.

It should be noted that there are situations when newlyweds cannot fulfill the above rule due to objective circumstances:

  • The passport is full, as a result of which there is no space for putting the appropriate mark;
  • If the identity card is lost and the individual is waiting for a new one.

In the above situations, employees of the civil registry office do not have the right to refuse the newlyweds to accept an application for marriage registration. Responsibility for the decision presented, whether a stamp can be affixed or not, is taken by the head of the department to which the future spouses applied.

In judicial practice, there are examples of challenging refusals by civil registry office employees to accept an application for marriage registration for the above reasons in court. The legislation of the Russian Federation allows the use of special inserts for affixing a stamp in this situation, and a stamp can also be placed on the cover of an identity card.

Where can I include a child in the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation?

Individuals try not to include children in the document for one reason or another. Basically, they boil down to the fact that banks are reluctant to provide credit funds if there are minor children. They act as dependents, on whose maintenance significant funds are spent.

Parents must verbally declare their intention to make an entry about the child in the passport. To carry out the procedure, you must submit a minimum package of documents. If the child’s guardian wants to make an entry, then in addition he must present a conclusion from the guardianship and trusteeship authority confirming his appointment.

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How are children included in the passport? Who enters children into passports?

However, this is not quite true. There are a number of cases when you may need it, for example, a mark is required when registering a child in your international passport. Quite often, the “Children” column needs to be filled out before participating in some social programs, to apply for benefits, preferential loans, when obtaining visas, etc.

In fact, making notes yourself is strictly prohibited. Such a mark will be equated to extraneous inscriptions and the document will be declared invalid. You will have to change your passport and pay a fine for damage.

Is it possible to make changes to a passport?

To confirm that a person is not called to perform military duties (clause 11), it is necessary to attach a military ID or a certificate indicating exemption from such duties to the number of documents.

What changes are made to the passport, and is it possible to travel with the old one? When changing your last name, you must change your foreign passport. As soon as the general passport is issued in a new name, the old document will be invalid. It will be impossible to travel abroad or obtain a visa using your old passport. Only one change is made to the document - namely, a new surname.

How to replace your passport and last name after registering a marriage

Submitting an application through the MFC does not change the procedure for issuing a new passport; in any case, these actions will be handled by the FMS. To do this, after receiving documents from citizens, they are subject to sending to FMS institutions as part of an interdepartmental exchange.

You can submit a completed application through the government services website. However, this application form only requires preliminary provision of information about the need to replace the passport, since the citizen will still have to go to a personal appointment to submit the original documents.

Changing the surname of an individual entrepreneur

After registering your marriage, when you change your last name, you change your passport accordingly. After receiving a new passport, you submit an application to the tax authority to make changes to the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs, and accordingly, on the basis of this, you are issued a new certificate of registration as an individual entrepreneur.

Based on para. 5 paragraph 4 art. 5 of the Federal Law of 08.08.2021 No. 129-FZ “On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs”, in the event of a change in passport data and information about the place of residence of an individual entrepreneur, the registration authority ensures that the specified information is entered into the appropriate state register based on the information available to such authority on passport data and places of residence of individuals received from authorities issuing or replacing identity documents of a citizen of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Russian Federation, or registration of individuals at the place of residence in the manner established by the legislation of the Russian Federation on taxes and fees, no later than five working days from the date of their receipt.

Marriage stamp on the children page

After replacing your passport, it will not contain a marriage stamp. There is no stamp indicating its termination; the page will be blank unless you ask to include this information.

The application submitted before marriage must be written and joint. The traditional way of filing is in person at the registry office.

After submitting the documentation and making a positive decision to quickly conduct the marriage, the issue becomes resolved. Marriage can be registered on the day of application. The wedding ceremony promises to be simple and quick.

The procedure for replacing the passport of a Russian citizen in the event of entering inaccurate, incomplete or erroneous information into it is determined by order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation dated December 28, 2006.

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