Documents required to expel a person from an apartment: forms and samples for the passport office

The role of the register of legal entities

The Unified State Register of Legal Entities is a complete list of companies registered in Russia that have the right to operate in our country. For each of them, a kind of statement is maintained, which contains information about:

  • date of establishment of the company,
  • organizational and legal status,
  • name,
  • its founders (except for their passport data),
  • constituent documents,
  • areas of work,
  • all changes occurring to a legal entity during its existence.

Where to go with your application

For an extract, you should contact any local office of the Federal Tax Service. It should be noted that the person requesting an extract may be located in a region that is not the place of registration of a particular legal entity.

The territorial affiliation of the person requesting the extract does not matter.

This means that, suppose, a resident of Yekaterinburg can easily obtain information about an organization registered, for example, in the Stavropol Territory or Moscow.

What documents are needed to check out of an apartment through the State Services website?

This service is free, but mandatory registration in the system is required. You should not expect that you will immediately receive the necessary documents just by submitting an application. When using this service, you will be given a specific time to submit your originals at the passport office.

The procedure consists of several steps:

  1. The first thing you need to start with is to go to the “Registration of a citizen at the place of residence” section on the website
  2. If you have permanent registration, then go to the section “Removing a citizen from registration at the place of residence .
  3. If the registration is temporary, you need to select the section “Removing a citizen from registration at the place of residence .

  4. Next, the section “How to obtain the service” will open, which explains all the steps required for discharge. After studying the information, select “Get a service” .
  5. Next, we consider the option of having permanent registration at the place of residence.

  6. At the next stage, you consent to the processing of personal data. To do this, in the page that opens at the bottom, check 2 boxes and select your location and deregistration option .
  7. On the page that opens, fill in your personal information and click the “Next” .
  8. Fill in the details of the place of registration from which you want to check out. If you plan to immediately register in a new place, then you additionally need to fill in the information about the new place of residence and click “Next” .
  9. On the next page, indicate your citizenship and statistical data and click the “Next” .
  10. Select the address of the department to which the application will be submitted. Below , select the type of notification about the progress of the service and click “Submit an application ”.
  11. You can monitor the status of your submitted application in your personal account in the “My Applications” section.

    It is possible that the system will reject the submitted application. In this case, you need to personally visit the migration department.

  12. As a rule, all applications are processed within 3 business days. If a positive decision is made, you will be sent an invitation to come to the migration department at the appointed time.
  13. Within 3 days, visit the migration department. This must be done in order to submit the original documents that are needed for checkout from the apartment.
  14. If there are no comments at this stage, the registrar will put a stamp in the passport indicating deregistration .

It is important to remember that registration through the State Services portal does not involve payment of fees. This service is free for citizens of the Russian Federation.

How much does an extract cost?

Obtaining an extract is free only for owners of enterprises and organizations or their representatives authorized to do so by a special notarized power of attorney. But in cases where the document is requested to be issued by a person who is not related to the company, in 2021 you will have to pay 200 rubles. Urgent delivery will cost 400 rubles, regardless of who requested it.

You can pay the state duty at any branch of Sberbank of the Russian Federation or via the Internet.

It is advisable to make copies of the printed checks, which you need to keep with you in case the application for an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities gets lost in the tax office and the applicant does not receive the requested information in time.

What documents are needed to check out of an apartment “to nowhere”

There are times when it becomes necessary to check out, for example, if an apartment is sold without purchasing a new one for some reason. There are some features in this situation:

  • To do this, you should contact the migration department and submit an application in the prescribed form about your intention to be discharged from a certain residential premises. The application form, as well as other forms and samples, will be provided by the department employees without any difficulties.
  • Be sure to present your original passport to the department. You will also need additional ownership documents.
  • On the specified day, you must receive all completed documentation with marks, including the departure slip.

The departure slip is an important document. It is valid for 30 calendar days and is needed to obtain temporary or permanent registration at a new place of residence. It is highly undesirable to spoil it or lose it.

Sample application for an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities

Today there is no standard unified application form, so you can write it in any form. However, it is still necessary to indicate some information in the document. This:

  • information about the addressee: number and name of the tax office to which the application will be submitted,
  • information about the applicant: if it is an individual - full name and address of residence, if legal - the name of the company and its address (in accordance with the constituent documents);
  • the request itself, in which it is enough to indicate only the name and OGRN of the company for which an extract is required;
  • if necessary, you can mark the required number of copies of the statement and the method of receiving it (in person, through a representative or by mail);
  • if urgent discharge is required, a separate note about this should be made in the application.

What documents are needed to check out of an apartment?

The main reason for discharging a person from residential premises is the need to register in another place. It should be remembered that all documents that are needed for discharge from an apartment or residential building are drawn up in the prescribed manner and submitted to the housing maintenance office.

At this stage there are no problematic issues. You need to contact the housing department or management company and clarify the list of documentation provided. Below we discuss what documents are needed to check out of an apartment in Moscow in most life situations.

  1. The original passport of the person who is being discharged from the residential premises.
  2. If a man has served in the armed forces or is 27 years old or older, then a military ID is additionally required. This rule does not apply to women if they are not liable for military service.
  3. Original certificates confirming the right of ownership of residential premises.
  4. A lease or social tenancy agreement is submitted for the tenant.
  5. For a private residential building, a house register is submitted.
  6. A statement in the established form about a person’s intention to be discharged from his place of permanent residence.
  7. Departure sheet.

You may also need to confirm that the person being discharged has no outstanding utility bills. Then you will need to provide a certificate of the status of your personal account.

After transferring the completed package of documentation to the office, it will take a short time for their subsequent registration and processing. Based on the results, papers are issued that confirm the fact that a person has been deregistered from the residential premises.

This is standard procedure. In atypical cases, for example, what documents are needed to extract a deceased relative from the apartment or what documents are needed to extract an ex-husband from the apartment through the court, it is necessary to check with the competent institution. Next, we will consider other options for deregistration.

How to submit an application

The legislation does not impose any requirements on either the information part of the application or its execution. The document can be created either in handwritten format or printed on a computer on a regular A4 sheet or even on company letterhead.

The only indispensable condition: the application must be certified by the “living” signature of the applicant.

Moreover, if a document is written on behalf of an organization, it is not at all necessary to certify the form with a seal: since 2021, legal entities, just as previously, individual entrepreneurs have been given the full right not to use various kinds of cliches in their activities.

It is better to write the document in two copies ,

  • one of which, after the inspector has noted that the application has been accepted, should be kept,
  • and give the second to a tax specialist.

What documents are needed to check out of an apartment through a proxy?

Currently, with the help of a trusted person, you can perform a wide range of legal procedures, including checking out of an apartment or registering a new property. A prerequisite is that this person has a valid power of attorney certified by a notary.

Despite the fact that the basic documentation will be similar, it would still be a good idea to check with the passport office what documents are needed to check out of the apartment when registering through a proxy.

Today there are specialized Internet sites with which you can arrange everything you need. To do this, you should find a trusted online resource, register and select the desired section. After successfully filling out the appropriate forms, a day and time will be assigned when you need to submit the original documentation and receive a stamp in your passport.

One of the most popular Internet resources is the State Services website, which we will discuss in more detail.

How to submit an application

You can submit an application for an extract in person, through an authorized representative (if we are talking about the founder of the organization) or through the Russian Post, sending a request by registered mail with acknowledgment of delivery.

It must be said that today there is an even easier way to get an extract: go to the Federal Tax Service website or the State Services portal.

The only, but extremely important, difference between this extract is that it will not bear the stamp of the tax office; accordingly, it may not be accepted everywhere where it is required.

To obtain the necessary information via the Internet, you only need a little free time and information about the enterprise for which you need an extract (name, OGRN). In addition, the applicant will need to leave an email address, to which, within a few days (usually one or two), the necessary information will be sent in full.

How and where can I get an extract from the register of legal entities, and how much does it cost?

The responsibility for maintaining the register of organizations lies with the tax service. Unified State Register of Legal Entities data is available to anyone who wants to receive it. The basis for providing a paper extract is an application. It can be submitted both to the Federal Tax Service and to multifunctional centers (MFC). The procedure for submitting an application is completely the same.

It is possible to submit the application in person or send it by mail. Along with the application, a passport and a receipt for payment of the fee must be presented (a paper statement is provided for a fee).

The cost of obtaining an extract for one organization is 200 rubles. However, if such a fee is paid, the period for providing the document is 5 days. If you need to get data from the registry faster, you can pay 400 rubles. In this case, the extract will be issued the next day or on the day of application (depending on the workload of employees).

If you want to receive an extract in electronic form, you can use the service contained on the Federal Tax Service website. The document can be downloaded for free. There are two options available - receiving an extract certified by an electronic digital signature, or receiving an uncertified document. The fastest way is to get an uncertified document. In this case, registration is not required.

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